HabilCal legal deadlines calculator installer

Download the new version of HabilCal now, without purchase commitment, to evaluate the product and be able to use it professionally starting today. Non-commercial license for a single Windows PC.

Download HabilCal installer

Version for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, 7, Vista.


Webmasters: if you wish to include HabilCal in your software portal, the permanent download link is # although we ask that in order to offer all the downloads and add-ons available, instead of said link you link to this download page in English or this page in Spanish.

If you are a user of our GEDEX software for lawyers, you already have HabilCal installed (it comes included with GEDEX). To start HabilCal, just enter GEDEX and click F9 key or use the Tools menu → "HabilCal calculator".

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