Additional applications and utilities

The following applications and utilities can be combined as you need.

HabilCal HabilCal

HabilCal performs secure date arithmetic, due dates, counting days, and other related calculations. Includes international holidays and historic calendar functionalities.


Software for Lawyers - Legal Case Management software for Lawyers
Discover GEDEX Lawyer, the legal case management software for international law offices.

Brindys Update

Brindys Update is the Brindys Software automatic updates downloader, able to update older editions of our programs. Our latest downloads already include this component for easy updates.

Google Apps for Work

Formerly Google Apps for Business, is a suite of cloud computing productivity and collaboration software tools and software offered on a subscription basis by Google. Now you can try it for free. In Brindys Software we suggest you to use Google Calendar to manage your firm's appointments with clients, Google Gmail to manage your own firm's domain name emails, and Google Drive to interchange large files with clients, partners and even adversarials. Get more info.