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Contacts Cards

GEDEX stores your contacts data in cards, one for each of them.

GEDEX considers as a contact every person and entity related to your matters, being them Clients, Lawyers, Adversarial Clients, Adversarial Lawyers, Judges, Secretaries, Notaries and so on.

To display the Contacts List, press the button titled 'Show your contacts' with the image of a person.

The 'Show your contacts' button

Over the Contacts List there is a button the 'Insert contact' button called 'Create new contact' or 'Insert contact'. Click that button to create a new Contact Card.

In this Contact Card you can enter all the information concerning the contact: name(s), addresses, phones, ID data, and other details of interest and useful information.

All fields in the Contact Card are optional. Please fill in at least the first and second name.

If the contact is an entity, company, foundation, organization, etc, and not a natural person, click the 'Entity' box. Thus, the tab will be adapted for the introduction of legal persons.

A contact card of an Entity

If the contact is a Group of individuals or Group of entities, not an individual, click the 'Group' box. Thus, the tab for the introduction of lists or sets of contacts will fit.

You can define multiple groups, as needed, for example, to relate the same organization staff, owners of a community of neighbors, families and so on.

Next to the '2nd Name' box (to the right of the 2nd name) a button appears with a yellow pin. If clicked, an overlay screen will be displayed. This allows you to enter the name additional features. You can enter nicknames, middle names, treatment, and additional international fields. To hide this overlay screen, press the button again.

Birth dates, anniversary, death, foundation

The box 'Birthday', or in case of Entities the box 'Foundation' allows you to enter a date. To do this, press the number [15] button, and a calendar will be displayed. You can navigate the months and years by pressing at the top. When you find a date, select it with the mouse. If you find it easier to write the date with the keyboard, the format to use is: day, bar, month, bar, year. For example: 31/12/1980. In some countries, the month precedes the day of the month: 12/31/1980. To delete a date, select it and use the delete key <--- or Del.

Just above the date of birth (where a drawing of a calendar and the word 'Birthday' appears) you can click to display the Anniversary date, date of Death, Foundation. Click multiple times to cycle and display all the dates sequentially.

GEDEX is sensitive to the dates of death. In contacts lists you will see next to the names of deceased the symbol.

Private Address, Work Address, Mailing Address, Tax Address

Contacts cards allow you to enter four addresses: Private Address, Work Address, Mailing Address, Tax Address. You can view any of them by clicking the [P], [W], [M] and [T] buttons. You can find those buttons below the '2nd name', above the ZIP box.


The "LD" box is used to enter Legal District information.

Telephone numbers and other data

In the central part of the Contact Card there are six field spaces with phone records and other data of interest. You can click on them to select multitude of data, for example: Work FAX, Organization, Professional Association, Social Security number, Bank account, etc.

Note that when you click one of the six field spaces, in the list of available data, a point '�' appears next to the data that have been selected.

Note that the Private addresses, Work, Post and Fiscal have associated different colors. Those colors are used also in the data fields related to those addresses. For instance, the Work Address has the same color as the 'Work phone' field.


The 'Categories' box allows you to classify your contacts with additional attributes. Once you click the Categories button, a list is displayed. Next to each category shown appears a box that you can check or uncheck. To hide the category list, press the Categories box again.

How to link related Contacts Cards

Sometimes it is interesting to link two or more Contact Cards with each other. For example, when a customer is responsible for a society, it is interesting to have a personal record of the client and other differentiated for the society, but it is also important to be able to jump from one card to the other with ease.

Also, you can link profiles of spouses, relatives, colleagues and so on.

To link a Contact Card to another, press the 'Links' button. Now double click 'New Link' or 'Select consort'. GEDEX will list your already created contacts, where you can identify the other person to be linked. You can also create then a new contact.

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