GEDEX Legal Case Management Software Technical Specifications

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7. 32 and 64 bits. Versions: Home, Pro, Professional, Ultimate, Workstation, Server and Advanced Server.

Physical disk space:

· Requires less than a Gigabyte for a typical legal firm with more than 10 years of practice (or just some Megabytes if using the non commercial usage edition nearly empty). Depending on number of optional components installed, database and backups, required space could increase.


· We recommend Intel i7 processors, but any processor compatible even with Windows Vista could be enought.
· We recommend at least a computer with 4 Gb of RAM. Nowadays, a minimum of 2 Gb of RAM is a must, not only for GEDEX but for just the Windows interface. Anyways, GEDEX will work with even less.
· Recomended laser or inkjet printer.

Information security:

· Includes an automatic security database backup system, allowing to restore information in case of unfinished database transactions. Performed always locally in your own computers, not in the cloud.
· Performs an automatic database backup each day. In local area networks, each computer stores local database backup. We never have or copy your files, they are always located at your office exclusively.
· Includes installation repair and error correction, allowing to restore installation files in case of harddisk damage.
· Allows external drives backups (using any third party backup software or simply manual copy/paste to a USB key).


· Allows simultaneous use of US Dollars, Euros and any other Western currency.

Access security:

· Can be configured to use any of the following security systems: global passwords (same for all members), Windows security (user login and passwords), your LAN security, or GEDEX's internal users management.
· GEDEX can manage an unlimited number of users (protected with passwords)
· Parallel security system (global passwords) to limit read and write privileges to database and software configuration

Local area networks and intranet:

· Offers support for intranet/LAN, allowing to share all the information, including your contacts, cases and documents with your personell.

Non commercial usage version:

· The non commercial usage version has been limited in the total number of manageable cases.

· Does not allow to share data in your intranet/LAN, this version can only be used on one of your PC's.

Supported languages:

· English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian
· Each user can use GEDEX in a different language
· Number of languages can be easily increased using the translation kit
· Some components already translated into 5 more languages (not the main application)

Help system:

· User Manual (Help assistant, online website)
· Technical support by e-mail and phone

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