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GEDEX is a powerful software for Windows that allows you to manage your cases, have recorded the status of processing, all the details of customers and other stakeholders, economic management, tasks to be performed and deadlines. With this, you can consult at a glance the general status of your firm, and never lose sight of deadlines and pending tasks. In all your computers.

Capable. Quick.

GEDEX carries out the complete follow-up of the legal files of your office, law firm or legal department. It is the safest system, and the fastest to search and locate your cases, by far.

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GEDEX will help you increase profits and save on management costs, in the most natural way. Computerizing your files does not imply changing your usual way of working and the tradition of your signature, or destroying the paper or using electronic invoices.

If you now do not have time to examine it, it is that you really need it.

"Thanks to GEDEX I immediately find the files and data that I am looking for, the time saving is great and I can dedicate it to solve the problems of my clients".
Mari C. M. - Lawyer

Ready. Painless. Comfortable.

GEDEX uses two types of files: the cases/matters and their contacts/interveners. All management is done from these cards, tremendously facilitating regular use to all kinds of users.


You will be able to computerize in a robust and efficient way the information, with all the advantages that this entails: flexible and fast tracking of all your cases and contacts, simple maintenance, organization and centralization of documents if you have a computer network, and without changing your way of working.


With GEDEX your data is safe in your own office, not in dangerous clouds, in the hands of third parties or exposed to review by people outside your firm or several agencies. (+info)


GEDEX is extremely easy to understand once you have used it a couple of times. To help you know and take advantage of all its hidden potential, a multitude of contextual explanations will guide you as you use it. Additionally, all program screens include a detailed help button, and you can also consult the extensive documentation or just ask us.

This is because GEDEX has been created from its origin until today for legal professionals, unlike our competitors, who sell the same tools to veterinarians as to hairdressers. GEDEX is not parameterized, it is a legal tool.


GEDEX has been installed on tens of thousands of machines. It encapsulates years of experience since 1996. GEDEX is the legal case management software most used in Spain and many countries in America with the largest number of computerized offices and licenses.


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Superior editions of GEDEX

If the non commercial edition is not enough for your firm, please consider purchasing a commercial edition. The non commercial edition exists so you can know the product and start using it fully operational. We hope with this that after a season using it, you decide to buy a more complete commercial edition, and with it we can continue to offer our services in such a competitive way.

Why does GEDEX outperform other tools?

GEDEX includes innumerable functionalities incorporated throughout more than 26 years of continuous improvements, which make it the most intelligent software in its sector: as an example, it automatically discovers judges and secretaries already known from previous cases; allows to limit to members of your firm what parts of the program they can see or modify; analyze the notes you enter in the cards and suggest better ways to manage them; detects vices of use and recommends shortcuts so that working with GEDEX is day by day more and more comfortable; offers notices on the Windows desktop to remind you of pending tasks and deadlines; it incorporates a powerful agenda that shows the deadlines in the form of a weekly calendar, together with festivities and pending tasks; works in English, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, independently for each member of your firm; generates detailed minutes for your clients, customized for example with your signature logo; you can register new matters in less than four minutes; you can consult many more features available in the user manual.

Powerful. Modern.

Know in detail the technical characteristics of your new work tool.


You can use GEDEX without purchase commitment, for unlimited time and fully operational with the non commercial 26 anniversary edition. You can manage a limited number of files and contacts, and quietly decide to buy a more complete commercial edition. If you have recently started your professional activity you do not need to buy GEDEX immediately.

Install GEDEX on your PC.

Download now your GEDEX installer for Windows:

During download please click where the green arrows (in the following pictures) point to. If your browser requires confirmation, please click: SaveActionsMore options (below the green arrows) → Execute anyway. If any additional warning prevents you from installing GEDEX contact us and we will help you, or read this help instructions to download GEDEX.

Click where the green arrow shows Click where the green arrow shows

This installation of GEDEX is for use on a single PC with Windows 11, Windows 10 (or other previous Windows versions). Evaluate how much you could benefit (in time and money) if you were already computerizing your cases, and start today: the GEDEX download is fully functional on a PC.

To use GEDEX in a network in several PCs, enjoy additional services, more functionality and capacity, purchase the most advanced commercial editions of GEDEX. You will be able to use GEDEX on your PC or laptop if you work alone, or in law firms with local networks, to share the details of the case with all the members of the firm.

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For more information see the technical characteristics, the Instructions for use, the complete User's Manual, install Plug-ins that extend the functions, check the Updates with news and improvements, know the usage license and if you have any questions Contact with us.

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