GEDEX - User's Manual

GEDEX How-to's

The following topics walk you through a few common GEDEX procedures.

GEDEX has been optimized for usage simplicity.

To start GEDEX use the scales icon present at your Windows desktop:

GEDEX icon

Double click it and the application will show up, including the GEDEX main menu.

If you cannot find the GEDEX scales icon, you can also start GEDEX by clicking Start, All Programs, B, BRiNDYS GEDEX.

Once the application starts, you will be able to create and review your Matter Cards and Contact Cards using the buttons present at the Buttons Bar.

What information should be stored in GEDEX

Matters Cards

Contacts Cards

How to add Actions to the agenda

Matters' Documentation

Configuration and Customization

Numbering and coding your Cases

How to avoid some users to access some cases

How to avoid some cards to be edited

Automated notifications

Features and Utilities

How to search for contacts cards

What keys and key combinations are available to edit text

Bulb icon at the notification area


Advanced functions

Import and export cards

Phone listing

Password Protection

How to install GEDEX in a network

Additional help

GEDEX Help Index

Technical Support

FAQ about Brindys programs

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